Bus Fares and Pass Locations

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Low-Cost Alternative to Getting Around Town!

Regular Fare $1.50
Youth/Student Fare $1.10
Senior/Disabled $0.75
Medicare Card Holders $0.75
Veteran Fare $0.75
Children 5 Years & Younger (When Accompanied by Paying Adult) Free

*Veterans must show a valid military or Veterans Administration identification card to receive the discounted Veterans fare.

30-Day Passes

Available Locations

NEW LOCATION! E.D. Croskey Recreation Center

1510 NW Fourth St.

NEW LOCATION! Barbara G. Washington Wellness Center
210 NW 12th Ave.


Dee Dee's Doghouse
531 NE First Ave.
Yellow Route

Publix - Heather Island Plaza
7578 SE Maricamp Rd. 
Red Route

Publix - Forty East Shopping Center
3450 E Silver Springs Blvd.
Blue Route

Publix - Pearl Britain Plaza
2655 NE 35th St.
Yellow Route

College of Central Florida - Staff Services
Building 35, Room 102
Orange Route and Purple Route

Monthly Pass Fares

30-Day Pass $45.00
Youth/Student 30-Day Pass $34.00
Senior/Disabled 30-Day Pass $23.00

Regular Riders - All riders who do not fall into catagories listed below.

Youth/Student - 6 to 19 years of age holding a current Marion County student ID card or proof of age (note: CF/CTAE students pay full fare but may purchase a pass at the Student/Youth rate).

Senior - 65 years of age or older, Medicare cardholders.

Disabled - A letter stating disability signed by a physician, other health care professional,or social service agency representative is required to receive photo ID card.

Payment of Fares

SunTran will require passengers to pay cash, present trip tickets or show passes upon boarding the bus. As a safety precaution, operators do not carry cash. As a result, passengers are required to have correct change.