How To Ride

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Riding a SunTran bus is easy!

Watch videos to learn how to use SunTran buses.


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Here's How to Ride: Once you have your trip planned, head to your nearest bus route. Arrive about five minutes before the bus is scheduled to be there. At intersections, please cross the intersection and wait. The buses load past the intersection.

Board the bus, pay the fare, or present your pass, and relax in the temperature-controlled comfort of a SunTran bus. Feel free to check with your bus operator when you get on if you are unsure about your route or any connecting ones.

When you see that your stop is coming, please press the signal strip to let the operator know that this is where you would like to get off. Always enter the bus from the front doors and exit the bus from the rear set of doors. This is a safety measure for the benefit of all riders. Now, sit back and enjoy your trip!

Our goal is to provide you with friendly and efficient service. Thank you for riding with SunTran!

SunTran is a cooperative effort of the following agencies:

  • Ocala/Marion County Transportation Planning Organization
  • Marion County
  • City of Ocala
  • Florida Department of Transportation & Federal Transportation Administration